What is Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching is a process used to develop high performing leaders and managers into competent and experienced leaders and Executives. An Executive Coach will provide leadership and Executive Assessments to identify the client’s potential to be a successful Executive and the strengths that can be built on and the areas that could derail one’s career. The coach will then work with the client to clarify their long-term vision for their career and the short-term and medium-term goals that will develop their full leadership potential.

How can an Executive Coach Help Me?

An Executive Coach serves as a sounding board, stimulates learning, and asks powerful questions to inform your choices regarding your own leadership development. The coach provides a safe space for you to think through complex issues and reflect on what you have learned from past and current experiences. Powerful questions stimulate new thinking and connections so that you can move beyond any stuck places and your current level of leadership development. You will learn and grow as a highly competent leader and Executive.

How long does Executive Coaching Take?

The duration of Executive Coaching can vary widely depending on your vision for your career and your current level of Leadership Development. Some individuals with very specific and focused goals may see significant improvements with just a few months of coaching, while others may engage a coach for several years to help them achieve more significant transitions, especially if they have the potential to be a highly effective Executive.


What is the Difference between Consulting and Coaching?

Consultants will either provide advice and expertise to help you improve your business results or provide a diagnosis and interventions to improve the effectiveness of your organization (increase your organization’s capacity for long-term success). Coaches guide you to learn and find your own solutions through questioning and reflection. When your coach asks you powerful questions, your brain lights up and begins thinking in new ways, making new connections in your brain. Your brain "turns on" so that you can find an answer to the question. The focus is on your development as a leader and Executive wherever your career path takes you.

How Much Does Executive Coaching cost?

The cost of Executive Coaching can vary greatly depending on the specific services they provide, the coach’s experience and expertise, and who is contracting with the coach. Discussing and agreeing on fees upfront is essential to ensure the coaching arrangement fits your budget and expectations well. Coaches are aware that individuals have a smaller budget than an organization and that for-profit organizations have a larger budget than not-for-profit organizations do. My fees typically range from $75/hour for individuals and not-for-profit organizations to $300/hour for large for-profit organizations at the Executive level.

How Do I Choose a Coach?

Choosing the right coach is crucial. You should look for a coach who has experience in your industry or in addressing the specific challenges or goals you have for yourself as a leader or Executive. Finding a coach whose personality and coaching style align with your communication style and personal values is also essential. Remember, Executive Coaching aims to help you achieve your full potential, so choose a coach who can guide you toward your vision of success. The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is a great resource for selecting a coach. (See resources section for the link)

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